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US National Ranking

MA3, under the IHAA, as the official representative organization of horse archery in the United States, is maintaining the list of the top rated horse archers ranked in order based on standard Raid, Tower and Hunt scores achieved in LIVE competition. It is open to all horse archers based in the United States, REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION, according to the National Ranking System guidelines and rules linked below.

Making The List
In order to make the list you must have competed in a National Ranking competition.  There is no longer a tier 1 or tier 2 nor is there a cut off. The full list is located on the website.  
The number created is based on HBAE events (Tower 110 or 90, Raid 233, 234, or 235, and the IHAA hunt course)
Your two best scores in each style course are put into a percentage based on the USA Record.  Those numbers are then added together to get your total.  The highest possible is thus 600.  

One of the primary functions of this ranking system will be to help with team selection for events such as IHAA World Championships and World Grand Prix.

It is worth noting that, in the United States, the term "ranking" was historically used for what we now know as "grading," the international standard for assessing skill levels. The grading system remains unchanged, and grades will not be affected by the new National Ranking System.

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