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IHAA Postal

International Horseback Archery Alliance Postal matches are ideal for our sport.  Even within our own countries we are spread out and only a fortunate few are able to travel abroad to compete in person.  With these postal matches you can compete at home or in your local club, on a familiar horse, and at a time of your choosing.  We welcome participation from everyone; from beginners to masters, regardless of country or affiliation.  There are no prizes and people are not judgmental.  Let's all just have fun shooting together!

Each match will be a challenge set by a club from the affiliated nations.  At least half of the matches will be the standard Raid and Tower courses, but the rest will be an opportunity for you to try something different, one of the courses from the course database.  There will be both Canter Postal Matches and Walk/Trot Postal Matches.  You can do just one or all if you choose.  


The rules and a score sheet for the next match will be posted on the IHAA website and a link will also be on this page (see below).  To return scores for a postal match follow the directions carefully at the bottom of the Guideline/Rules page as they have started requesting results be submitted online.





  • Set up the required course 

  • Print score sheets for that course

  • Set up timers or have two people time the runs with one at each end 

  • Shoot the number of runs required

  • Submit your scores online  

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