Here you will find information on how to be a registered instructor under MA3 insurance and teaching outside your MA3 chapter. At the bottom of the page you will find a list/bios of all MA3 Registered Instructors at the three levels we support. We feel these individuals have the required knowledge to successfully train you in mounted archery for private lessons, clinics or to help you begin a chapter.​​
To be a Registered Instructor you must fill out the Application Below, fill out the Instructor Waiver below, agree to follow MA3 range safety protocol, and pay an annual fee for insurance.
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Instructor Levels


Level 1 is also know as a

"MA3 Registered Instructor" and obviously this is the first step to instructing new folks in Mounted Archery. Click below to discover the requirements and permissions associated with Level 1 Instructors.


This is the next step! Level 2 is also known as a "MA3 Registered Clinician" and it allows for larger clinic sizes and more advanced students, but it does come with additional requirements. Click below to learn more!


This is it, the master of masters. Level 3 is also known as "MA3 Registered Coach" and can teach an unlimited number of students at all skill levels. They must have competed internationally, teach a number of releases, and a variety of nocking styles. 

Registered Instructors

Diana Troyk - Lvl 3

My name is Diana Troyk and as of July 4, 2017 I will be 66.  I have been riding since I was 3 on my grandfathers farm and friends horses, got my first horse at 10 who I had for 25 years and have since had two other horses, one for 17 years and currently one for 9 years.

At 49 in 2002, I was introduced to mounted archery by Misa Tsuyoshi  who told me about a clinic the next year instructed by Lukas Novotny. So I learned and practiced for a year until I went and took the clinic in 2003 and I was hooked.  I took 2 other clinics before holding my own in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have now been teaching mounted archery since 2007.  I have a course set up in the Rio Verde Valley of Scottsdale, AZ.  Our club is named “Desert Warriors of the South West”. 

I have competed in Korea 6 times, Poland, Japan and Mongolia. I have competed in the first 2010 US International and held my own International competition in 2016.  Also in 2016, I was on the first World Martial Arts Master-ships team.

I hold an MA3 Mentor Instructor level 3 and hold one of only 2 in the US International Mounted Archery Instructors degree.

Contact Di at 414-617-3843.  Located in Scottsdale, AZ.


Cody Lee Jones - Lvl 3

Cody’s journey in horseback archery began in 2012 when he started lessons with renowned horsewoman and archer Katie Stearns and joined the Broken Arrow Mounted Archers group in Washington State

Since then he has participated in over 12 competitions including the 2013 European Open Championship in Turkey and the 2016 Grunwald Battlefield International Competition in Poland, as well as live demonstrations around the Pacific NW.

Cody has studied horseback archery with several gold medalists and WHAF world champions including Lukas Novotny, Cozmei Mihai, Wojtek Osiecki, AMM Archery Group in Poland, Holm Neumann, Katie Stearns, and many others.

Most recently Cody has been elected to the MA3 Board of Directors where he is currently serving as President.

Contact Cody at  Located in Buckley, WA.


Joey Ogburn - Lvl 2

I have been doing mounted archery a little over 3 years. I consider myself always a student. I feel my expertise is truly with training horses for this incredible sport. Greg and I are a team and will be working together.


I am a 6 time medalist in MA3 competitions and a bronze medalist at the 2015 WHAF World Championships in the USA team Massahee.

Contact Joey at 602-400-0826.  Located in Windsor, CA.


Greg Ogburn - Lvl 3

I have been riding horses since a very young age participating in Gymkhana, Team Roping, and Cowboy Polo. I was away from horses for about 12 yrs while pursuing a career in Aviation where I am currently an Airbus A320 International Captain for American Airlines. My wife Joey and I got back into horses in 2003 operating a horse rescue for over 8 Yrs. I was introduced to Horseback Archery in late 2013 participating in my first competition February 2014.


My achievements include: 5 time Medalist at WHAF World Championships including 2016 Silver medal Single Shot, 2018 4th place finish Korean style at IHAA World Championships, 8 time MA3 Competition Champion, Multiple International Postal Match wins, 5 time American Course Record holder, Highest Graded Horse Archer in the USA at Horse Archer Level 6, Currently Ranked #1 Horse Archer in the USA by MA3, Current Board Member of the International Horseback Archery Alliance, and USA IHAA Representative and Grading Officer.

Contact Greg at 602-400-0826.  Located in Windsor, CA.


BJ Smith - Lvl 1

I remember when I first started in 2009 and was introduced not only to archery but throw in a horse and you have a whole new sport. Who knew you could have so much fun. Like getting a do-over to be a kid!!!

My first clinic was in 2010 given by the great Holm Newmann & Katie Stearns. Hosted by Diana Troyk. Three top instructors who demonstrated great patience and the art of enjoyment. They also illustrated their experience by the knowledge they had acquired during their many international travels. Fortunately for me, the combination of Holm, Katie and my mentor Di, gave me the skills that changed my life. My ally, Di, and I have given several demos and successful clinics where we've been invited to return to demonstrate our artistry.

As a matter of fact, since the embarkment of this astounding journey I've attended annually a multitude of competitions in the U.S. as well as Korea, and Brazil.

I've been a score keeper, judge, timer, counselor to the anguished, and last November 2016, assisted in hosting our first international competitive event for the Desert Warriors of The South West. I believe we had 35 competitors and twelve were internationals.

Last but not least, I feel very blessed to belong to an amazing MA3 Chapter DWSW of Scottsdale, Arizona whose core belief is to allow our students to take their skill to the highest level possible and most of all, HAVE FUN, while practicing safety in an environment created for our enjoyment.


Contact BJ at 480-203-4615.  Located in Scottsdale, AZ.


Stacey Youlios - Lvl 2

Though my background is in Dressage and Eventing, I was first introduced to horse archery when I was a part of the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) back in 1999 competing in the medieval jousting games.  In 2013 and 2014, I took several jousting/medieval game clinics from the Black Knight who was on National Geographic’s Knights of Mayhem television series.  Mounted archery was my favorite event and I started to research the sport and found the MA3.  There were no established clubs in Utah at that time, so I was determined to do what it took to start an affiliate MA3 chapter.  


After a year of planning, the Alpine Mounted Archery club was created October 2015.  In our first year we acquired over 70 members and we continue to grow.  I have a passion for teaching people and training horses and love bringing this great sport to others.  There is nothing more exciting than galloping down the run hitting targets and becoming one with your horse.  There is something truly spiritual in this ancient sport.  As soon as the MA3 developed the instructor registered program, I knew I wanted to take the steps to become a level l instructor.  


After organizing and competing in Utah’s first national mounted archery competition, my goals are now to compete more in the coming years and I also look forward to also competing internationally.  

Contact Stacey at 801-712-9621.  Located in Bluffdale, UT.


Frank Sihler - Lvl 3

Born in Germany, Frank Sihler started archery in the 1980s. He competed in numerous traditional 3D archery tournaments there, while he worked on his carrier as a professional dog musher. The sled dogs brought him to Finland, moving there in 1996; now competing in sled dog races and using his bow and arrow to hunt for small game. He worked as an outdoor and mushing guide, having tourists come to him from all over the world.

In 2001, Frank married another German, Claudia, and they moved to Alaska, USA. Their recreational dog team grew and Frank finally fulfilled a lifetime dream, finishing the Iditarod, a 1000-mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome.

Embracing the outdoors life and the challenges of being a woodsman, Frank obtained the Alaska Bow Hunter Certification and kept up his practice with different types of bows for sport and real life purposes.

Looking into getting horses in Alaska, Frank researched and found his love for the Mongolian Horse and the traditions around it. He found similarities in the Icelandic Horse and since 2014 him and Claudia ride Icelandic horses. Besides lots of trail riding and participating in Competitive Trail Rides, Mounted Archery became Frank’s newest passion. He realized that he already had a lot of useful pre-requisites for this sport from his early years and quickly earned his first HA1 grading, skipping all the student levels.

Frank loves the challenges of improving his grading as a horse archer and competing in mounted archery competitions around the U.S. and the world. He also enjoys growing the sport by teaching others and founded the first Alaskan MA3 chapter, the Mat-Su Mounted Archers.

Within three years, Frank not only earned his HA5 level with the IHAA (International Horse Archers Alliance), he also earned a spot on the podium in several mounted archery competitions all the way to winning the 2019 STAR International Championships.

Frank’s shooting and riding skills even under the pressure of a competition have earned him the 3rd overall place in the US national ranking system. He also holds the current US record for the Korean 2-3-3 course.

Contact Frank at 907-841-7468.  Located in Wasilla, AK.


Hadley Hudson - Lvl 2

Coming from a rodeo family, Hadley grew up riding, but never participated. After discovering horse archery through Serena Lynn, his love for riding and horses was reinvigorated. He has spent the last two and half years dedicating all his spare time to learning the art of archery with the horsebow, horsemanship and developing his English and Western riding skills. 


Hadley has been mentored by Lukas Novotny who he trains with annually and regularly trains with WHAF champion Glenn Weston. He has built his own horse archery training facility on his property where he trains with his two quarter horses. He has competed throughout the US, France and was invited to Japan's 2nd international competition where he placed 7th. He has currently qualified to be on the US team for the first ever IHAA world championships in Hungary and is leading the US archery team for the Nomad World Games 2018 in Kyrgyzstan. Hadley is the owner and club leader of Hill Country Horse Archery near Wimberley, TX.

Contact Hadley at 818-282-2977.  Located in Wimberley, TX.


Hilary Merrill - Lvl 2

After 25 years training in 3-Day Eventing and Hunter/Jumper, Hilary focuses her horse training and student coaching in the sport of Horse Archery and emphasizes pressure/release horsemanship to build trust and leadership with the horse. She loves working with kids of all ages and adults of all levels in pursuing their equestrian goals and learns just as much from her students in each session.


Clinics with Wojtek Osiecki, AMM Archery, and Lukas Novotny, as well as mentorship from Mike Loades have shaped Hilary's style, and she has had the opportunity to compete in Poland, Germany, South Africa, and the US. Hilary has an HA3 ranking from the IHAA.

Contact Hilary at 510-363-1757.  Located in Petaluma, CA.


Leah Earle - Lvl 1

I can’t tell you how awesome it was when I realized horseback riding and archery were a sport where you do both at the same time!  I was so excited I found the nearest mounted archery clinic I could and signed up immediately.  The clinic was taught by the incomparable Katie Stearns in 2015.  That clinic changed my life!


I have taken five more mounted archery clinics since then including ones taught by Serena Caballero and Lajos Kassai.  I have learned many different techniques and styles that I would like to teach my students so they can develop a style all their own.  I am also a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor.  I have participated in 11 competitions with 9 of them having 20 or more competitors. I always learn something new or a different way of doing things by watching the other competitors at these events. 


I learn new methods from the beginners in the sport just as much as the seasoned archers.  I want to gain as much knowledge that I can so I can share it with those new to the sport so they can have the best possible experience.  In late 2015 I started a local mounted archery club to share this exciting sport in my community called Battle Born Horse Archers.  We have been an MA3 Affiliate Chapter since 2016 and continue to grow.   I currently hold a grading level of S5 and had the honor of serving on the MA3 Board as Secretary from 2018-2021.  I hope to help you in your journey as a horse archer at whatever speed works for you and your horse.  

Contact Leah at 775-240-7043.  Located in Reno, NV. 


Kent Battenfield - Lvl 2

Horse trainer and archery instructor, Kent Battenfield has been training horses and shooting archery for over 30 years. He now combines those two for mounted archery and loves teaching others archery and how to gain control of their horse reins free.


Learn how to use you and your horses natural thinking process and movements to problem solve and learn to work as one unit in perfect balance, both emotionally and physically.

Contact Kent at 325-451-4016.  Located in Goldthwaite, TX.  


Tom Kelner - Lvl 2

Tom Kelner has been training horses for over 25 years, having spent a great deal of time learning from the best horsemanship trainers in the US. He began horseback archery in 2004 in the Kassai system and has competed internationally in Europe and Canada as well as in the United States. Tom has trained with Kassai Lajos in Hungary and the United States and achieved the rank of Halado I in the Kassai system. He is also a member of Borsos Torzs of Mt. Curry, BC. In 2018, Tom became an International Judge in the Kassai School of Horseback Archery, one of only two in the United States. This entitles him to teach and spread the Kassai method of training horse and rider for horseback archery.


Tom has 24 years experience as a classroom teacher and educational administrator. He has coached varsity and middle school football and wrestling as well as serving as a high school wrestling official for 13 years. Tom is also a certified Krav Maga Instructor.

Contact Tom at 406-261-3376.  Located in Kalispell, MT.  


Jessie Collins - Lvl 1

Kentucky Horse Archery’s first KY archery club, Bluegrass Horse Archers, is a  MA3 recognized club in the state of Kentucky, located in Cynthiana between Cincinnati and Lexington and Northeast of Louisville. We are actually the only mounted archery club in the state since 2017 but hope that changes! We formed the KY club to help spread the exciting sport of mounted and field archery in the United States with strong foundations in horsemanship and safety. As a club leader I hope to help bring this fun and rewarding sport to the Bluegrass and beyond by sharing my ever growing knowledge and enthusiasm in a way that is easy to follow, fun and most importantly safe for the horse and rider. I’ve had 20+ years’ experience working with both horse and rider with a specialty in the beginning rider. After a break, I found the world of mounted archery and want to be able to spread the fun! Bluegrass Horse Archers (BHA) will be holding club practices once a month, postal matches, jackpot fun shows, guest clinicians and KY based beginner clinics! We look forward to the upcoming years and hope to make a positive impact on the sport here in the Bluegrass! Feel free to email any questions to us at!

Contact Jessie at 309-236-1473.  Located in Cynthiana, KY.


Beverly Heffernan - Lvl 1

As a life-long horse enthusiast, and horse owner since 1965, I am always looking for fun new things to do with my horses. After a friend posted her photos of attending a mounted archery clinic in Utah, I signed up for an initial clinic in February 2016 (having not shot any archery since high school 40 years prior), and found it to be a blast, albeit very complicated! I have been practicing, and competing when possible, since then, and while in June of 2016 I would have said I will never, ever be able to shoot the Korean Double, lo and behold, practice works, and I have worked my way up to Student Level 5.


My first job as a teenager, other than babysitting, was riding instructor for a day camp. Over the ensuing 50+ years I have periodically, on an amateur basis, taught riding lessons and trained horses for friends, while pursuing foxhunting as my main equestrian activity and also competing successfully in many English and Western disciplines, including show jumping in France. I have also over the years taught French, tennis, and religious education to kids, and coached basketball, soccer and youth baseball. In December 2017, I completed USA Archery’s Level II instructor course and have been recently certified by them as an instructor (it took a while as they misspelled my name dramatically and therefore lost me in the system!).


In summary, my experience with horses and with instructing and coaching various courses and sports, along with my more recent studies and certifications in archery, will enable me to successfully teach and coach newcomers to the fabulous sport of mounted archery, as well as helping to coach/critique issues for more experienced horse archers.

Contact Beverley at 801-891-5349.  Located in Sandy, UT.


Ashley Safa - Lvl 2

Hi, welcome to the wide world of mounted archery! I’m Ashley Safa, I have been a horseback archer since 2014 and a horsewoman my entire life. If you have found your way to this page, you’re in good hands with any of the amazing instructors listed here. I’ve learned and competed with many of them in competitions across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. No matter where I’ve gone, I have found the same support, solidarity, and camaraderie in this sport and it’s amazing community. 


I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from top horseback archers like Kassai Lajos, Wojtek Osiescki, Christoph Nemethy, Katie Stearns, and Mihai Cozmei. These incredible people and many more have built me as a horseback archer. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to do the same for others. 


I offer private and group lessons in the Pacific Northwest, and clinics anywhere in the United States. If you have questions give me a call! There is no obligation to book anything, and time introducing people to my favorite sport is always time well spent. Hope to hear from you soon!

Contact Ashley at 541-231-4159 or email  Located in Eugene, OR.  


Lisa Badger - Lvl 2

I am a lifelong horseman, and above all other things that is what I am as a teacher, competitor, and hopefully as a role model.

My two main passions are horse archery and dressage. I have been an instructor and trainer for various disciplines in my lifetime and have been teaching horse archery to my own students at my training facility for three years. For the last two years I have been the main instructor for Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers in Brush Prairie WA.

I began self training in horse archery in 2013, and have since studied with Lukas Novotny, Darran Wardle and Roberta Beene, Mihai Cozmei and Katie Stearns, as well as competed in numerous MA3 International and Kassai World Cup events.

I am a stickler for safety and creating an environment of order and control, especially when horses are involved. My greatest strengths as a teacher are: inspiring and encouraging, evaluation and feedback, making the difficult easy to understand, and horsemanship. I have been growing myself, and have been cultivating a greater respect for horse archery as a discipline of training and honor and wish to represent that in all of my instructional endeavors. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Contact Lisa at email

Image by Michael Anfang

Sierra Stammen - Lvl 1

When I discovered MA3, it was such a blessing! I had wanted to start mounted archery for a while but had never been able to. I immediately signed up for a clinic with Serena Lynn. Within 6 months I had competed in postal matches as well as a competition. Since then I have been competing, training, and helping my club, Red River Horse Archers, grow.

I started riding when I was 5 years old. I was lucky to spend time learning both English and Western. I bought my first horse Nike when I was 12 years old, and quickly joined an equestrian drill team. I spent years competing in drill and barrels as well as buying and training a second horse, River, in early 2018. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from the creators of Cavalia, Craig Cameron, and Extreme Wylene; an accomplished mustang trainer. When I was 13, I began to work at my barn. I became a summer camp instructor and my lesson instructor’s 2nd in command. By the time I was 18, I was instructing lessons when she was out of town or sick. I have also been hired by multiple people to train their horses.

2018 not only marked the first year of me competing in mounted archery, but it was also the year I began college. I am an Equine Industry and Business Management major at West Texas A&M. I look forward to continuing in this incredible sport and helping it grow over the coming years!

Contact Sierra at  Located in Amarillo/Dallas.


Roberta Beene - Lvl 3

Roberta became interested in horseback archery when she attended a horse show in 2008. The beautiful costumes the huge smiles on the faces of the archers as they glided around the arena hitting targets, ignited a passion and changed the course of her life forever. Roberta has played an important roll in the sport of mounted archery as we know it today, from initiating standard rules and regulations to helping build the ranking system and introducing the use of Postal Matches. She is one of the founding members of MA3, owner of RMA and, along with Katie Stearns, started The Amazon Archers.

Her father was a cowboy and riding came naturally for Roberta, she was sitting a horse before she could walk. Her mounted archery training came from Holm Neumann, Katie Stearns and Lukas Novotny beginning in 2008. As is true with many mounted archers, she learned from whomever she shot with, picking up tools and tricks along the way. Through determination and hard work Roberta worked her way up, finally becoming a fast and accurate shot. She is currently ranked HA4 and working towards HA5. Having taken some time off for health reasons, Roberta is back and better than ever, looking forward to bringing her passion for this sport to every person she trains. Her specialties include, speed loading, loading from the quiver, thumb release and horse desensitizing tools. For Roberta, mounted archery is more than a game, its a way of life.

Contact Roberta at 541-826-8232.  Located in Eagle Point, OR.


Cassandra Moe - Lvl 1

I started this mounted archery journey in 2016 when my son asked to learn archery. We had nine horses at the time and I told him "only if it was on the back of a horse", So I did a search for horseback archery and MA3 popped up in the search engine. It led me to Stacey Youlios, the founder of Alpine Mounted Archers in Utah. Stacey taught me everything she knew and I didn't stop there, every event she planned in Utah, I would attend. I sought instruction from other horseback archers as well, to include, but not limited to, Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnen, a WHAF champion. I founded Colorado Mounted Archers and we became MA3 affiliated this year, in six months we have ten members and are steadily growing with introduction clinics and practices monthly. I look forward to learning more about this amazing sport and going to more clinics and competitions and hopefully, someday, go overseas to compete. 

I truly love teaching mounted archery to equestrians and their horses. I find so much satisfaction when a student has a nice run and is so proud of themselves and their horse, when they hear the awesome sound of an arrow hitting the target. I feel, the bond you create with your horse is unbreakable with this sport and you can only succeed when you have that bond. My goal for my students is for horse and rider to be in harmony and shoot with rhythm, consistency and accuracy. I can't wait to help you in reaching your goals with mounted archery.

Contact Cassandra Moe at 720-420-5920.  Located in Denver, CO.


TJ Marshall - Lvl 1

I've ridden horses since I was 6 years old.  In 2001, I started training, competing, ground crewing, and marshaling SCA Medieval equestrian events.  I've run more events and or practices than I can count.  The focus of these events/practices included Tilting at Rings and the Quintain, Tentpegging, Mounted Combat and Jousting.  While extremely fun, there is only so much to learn from these activities.  It is a rare occasion I do not make the final round in our local (Southern California) tournaments.  In October 2016 I purchased my first horsebow to take up a new challenge.  I did not realize there was an entire word of Horse Archery outside of the SCA.  I taught myself the thumb release since at the time everyone i knew was a three finger shooter.  

In July of 2017, I helped co-found the Sagittarii Horse Archers.  I have a training and instructor background and along with running so many medieval equestrian events we began practicing once a month.  In June of 2018 I graded S4.  During the summer I trained harder and by November of 2018, I graded as a Horse Archer 1.  In that 5 month period, I noticed a pattern and developed my own DIY Horse Archery training program which I continue to follow today.  Having attended a few clinics since November of 2018, I've added a few things to my DIY program.  


There is only so much you can teach yourself.  The rest you can pick up at tournaments or by attending a horse archery clinic.  If you brings your horse to one of Sagittarii's practices here in Southern California, we will show you everything we know.  We have some great archers as well as riders.  We work together to advance in this sort.  Out club motto "As One - Aim True".  

Contact TJ Marshall at  Located in La Jolla, CA. 


Annie Parsons - Lvl 1

In the winter of 16-17 I approached our community riding center and asked if I could start a pilot program for horse archery, it has gone on to be extremely popular and I have introduced horse archery to many people who have never seen nor heard of horse archery.  I continue to learn as much I can myself to further promote the sport.  I have my Archery USA Level II, Corey, Safesport, and my riding instructor license is in the process.  I do all of the postals I can.

Contact Annie Parsons at Located in Vineyard Haven, MA. 


Bethany Carr - Lvl 1

My mounted archery career began in 2017, I’ve been riding for 8 years in multiple disciplines. I’m 18 years old and I’ve spent most of my time riding Saddlebreds in  Midway, Kentucky. I currently compete in mounted archery, Saddleseat, and hunt seat for high school and college teams. A few years ago I was able to combine my love of riding and competitive shooting while participating in a clinic in Cynthiana, Kentucky.  I’ve had the opportunity to compete in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, and Tennessee.  I've trained with Jesse Collins and Liz Tinnan and look forward to teaching beginning archers the fundamentals of this amazing sport.

Contact Bethany Carr at  Located in Stamping Ground, Kentucky. 


Jennifer Seymour - Lvl 1

Jennifer Seymour has been riding, training horses and giving lessons for more than 40 years.  Jennifer is a certified Richard Shrake Resistance Free instructor, and believes horsemanship is one of the most important parts of mounted archery.  After training with Tom Kelner learning the Kassai method of mounted archery, Jennifer founded Horse Archers of Fletcher Hill, the oldest and largest MA3 chapter in New England, which practices at her property Round Tuit Ranch in Enfield, Connecticut.  A former cowboy shooter, Jennifer is passionate about sharing mounted archery and helping people (and their horses) get started on their exciting mounted archery journey.  Jennifer has taught students ages 5 to 85 and her warm teaching style is particularly enjoyed by nervous archers/rider/horses.

Contact Jennifer Seymour at Located in Enfield, Connecticut.


Phyllis Allen - Lvl 1

I joined the MA3 and the Alpine Mounted Archers at a clinic put on by Stacey Youlios October 9th, 2016. I attended practices and participated in Postal matches and Gradings all year. I took a clinic, sponsored by AMA, by Diana Troyk in 2017 as well as another by Cody Lee Jones in 2018. Beside attending as many practices as possible, I attended 3rd Annual Competition put on by AMA in 2019 and the Northern Lights Challenge put on by the Alaska Mounted Archers in 2020. I competed in the ground archery Competitions put on by Easton of SLC's National Indoor Championship, 2018 & 2019. During the Covid pandemic I also competed in the Indonesian Open Online Horsebow Ground Archery Competition in 2020. I have attended numerous coaching sessions, the last four years, with Alpine's Education Director, Jim Franson. 

In 2019, my partner Tobe was awarded "Best Archery Horse" and I was awarded "Most Improved Archer" from the Alpine Mounted Archers Club.

From 1980 through 1987, I was an instructor at the Alternate Transit Authority (ATA Riding School) and taught horseback riding courses in the Physical Education Department of the University of Utah. While at ATA I took classes in Vaulting and Dressage with the Adolphis of Bluffdale, Utah. I worked with Lucky Dorrity (Professional Horse Trainer), at the Draper Arena where my duties included mentoring students in Reining, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, and Trail. I have given private lessons, Natural horsemanship based, over the years at my home as well.  

My hope is to share my knowledge and enthusiasm and to help grow the sport of Mounted Archery by becoming an Instructor and helping with clinics.

Contact Phyllis Allen at 801-209-4249 or in Herriman, Utah.