Track Verification


Skills Demonstration

Beginning March 1, 2020, all clubs will be required to submit photo evidence of their track setup if it’s use is intended for Grading, Postal Matches, Competitions, and MA3 Ranking purposes. Also, as a verification of skills, a short video will be required for first time Grades at both the Student and Horse Archer Levels.

Track Verification

Photos of track setup and target faces may include, but are not limited to:

A. Profile view of track showing target placement.
B. Closeup view of Raid 80cm targets depicting Zones.
C. Closeup view of Tower 90cm targets depicting Zones.
D. For Tower courses, a view from the start pole down the track depicting overall straightness.

If a track is on a borrowed facility, only one set of photos are required as long as the track is set up at the same location. Additional photos may be requested as necessary to prove track validity.

For More Help: 

Skills Demonstration

First time Student Grades:
A. Video of one run of the Raid Course demonstrating the ability to shoot at a Canter.


First time Horse Archer Grades:
B. Video of one run of both the Raid and Tower Courses.

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