The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas


Why Join MA3?

MA3 is the perfect way to get involved in mounted archery in the US! Our well established community welcomes beginner through advanced horse archers, providing excellent camaraderie, resources, and support whether you’re just starting out or competing at the world championships. With more than 20 affiliated chapters and clubs, you’ll be joining hundreds of mounted archers across the country in this fun and challenging equestrian sport!

Individual membership is just $55 annually, or choose a family membership for $75 per year.

Here’s just a few of the exciting benefits our members enjoy:

  • Clinics with experienced MA3 and guest instructors

  • Local, national, and international competitions

  • Demonstrations at expos, fairs, festivals, and parades

  • Postal Matches with competitors around the world

  • Official International Horseback Archery Alliance Grading

  • Discounts on Saluki Bows, Rinehart Targets, and more!

Still have questions? Contact our Membership Officer or check out our Facebook page!


“Mounted archery is more than a sport, it's a way of life.”   Serena Lynn

"I have never experienced such empowerment.  I feel like a warrior when I shoot.  And the horses are so amazing.  I just love it."  Brie Conner