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This is a map of ALL MA3 chapters. If there is one near you, reach out and they'll help you get into this sport.
We are constantly growing and taking on new chapters. If there aren't any near you, please consider creating one with the help of the MA3 board of directors.

Be sure to 'allow' the site to remember your location so it can show chapters near you.
Type in an address, set a radius and find all the chapters nearby along with their contact information! MA3 chapters are designated by the MA3 logo, Instructors are Blue.

Starting a New Chapter

We're continually improving the process for people to start new chapters within the umbrella of MA3. 
We have a chapter liaison assigned to help new chapters get off the ground and become a successful resource for their local communities.   
If you'd like to begin this process, please email the liaison at

You may also check our Events page to discover a clinic near you to get connected to the community and get started.

MA3 Affiliated Chapters are a great resource for the mounted archery community.  By providing a range for members to participate in mounted archery practices, postal matches, gradings, competitions and demonstrations, our chapters are the basis for the sport. MA3 Affiliated Chapters are eligible to receive insurance coverage for all MA3 activities (some restrictions may apply, such as injuries related to coming off a horse or personal injuries are not covered).   


Chapters agree to:

  • Complete appropriate forms and applications (Chapter Application and Check Off List)

  • Establish and work closely with an MA3 mounted archery mentor 

  • Pay for the MA3 insurance premium for their chapter

  • Offer gradings for members if possible

  • Ensure all participants are MA3 members

  • Keep up to date waivers on file for all members

  • Follow all MA3 club rules and guidelines 


MA3 General Liability Insurance covers MA3 activities for those listed on the Chapter Affiliation Application only.  All events must be submitted to the board for approval at least two weeks prior.  Due to insurance restrictions MA3 Chapters may not be affiliated with any other U.S. organizations or committees related to mounted archery (although, individual members may choose to affiliate with any organization of their choice).  


*For each member signed up in your chapter, MA3 will set aside $30 (for a single) or $45 (for a family).  Those funds can be applied to your insurance the following year.  If you have money left,  you may bank it towards the next year or MA3 can purchase items you may need for your chapter (timers, targets, netting, etc.), which will remain the property of MA3 for use by your chapter as long as you are a chapter affiliate.

Please email completed forms to:

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