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Judge Accreditation

MA3 has been striving to bring our national association in alignment with the IHAA.  In an effort to do so, MA3 has adopted the IHAA Judges’ training and qualification system. Competitors can now be assured of high quality and uniformity in the running and judging of MA3 competitions across the United States and the World. Participants in National and International Ranking placings can be certain of the validity of results between different venues and events.

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How do I get started?

How do I advance my judge status?

IHAA LEVEL 2 JUDGE (straight track only)

  • Holds IHAA LEVEL 1 JUDGE >12 months 

  • Pays IHAA 15 EUROS

  • Completion of online learning and modules 

  • Have run four 1* competitions

  • Have participated in the running of two 2* competitions (signed off by L2 JUDGE or higher)

  • >18 years old


  • Completion of online learning and modules of hunt

  • Have participated in running one hunt track​​


  • Level 2 judge >2 years

  • Nomination by IHAA REP

  • Completion of online learning and modules of hunt course design

  • Activity as level 2 Judge through two competition seasons

  • Within last four years ran four 2* competitions, and L3/L4 reference

  • >18 years old


  • Level 3 judge >4 years

  • Regularly runs 3* competitions

  • Nomination by three L3/L4 judges

  • Interview by judges panel and IHAA Level 4 judge


What is a Track Marshal?

  • The person who determines when the track is clear to send the next rider (the "starter")

What is a 1* Event?

  • local event

  • club competition (NOT A NATIONAL RANKING)

  • postal

  • grading

What is a 2* competition?

  • ​Grand Prix

  • IHAA affiliated

  • IHAA records

  • World Ranking

  • MA3 National Ranking competition

Do I need a Level 1 Judge to run a Postal or Grading?​​

  • No Judge is required

  • A certified Track Marshal is required to run an MA3 Chapter track, but not currently required for private or unaffiliated tracks.

Do I need a judge for a 1* Competition?

  • MA3 Certified Track Marshal must run the track

  • the track marshal is prerequisite for your Level 1 Judges Certification in the US

  • Level 1 judge required (your L1 CAN be your Track Marshal; They can hold both roles)

Do I need a judge for a 2* Competition?

  • MA3 track Marshal required to run the tracks.

    • Prerequisite for L1

  • Level 2 Judge required.

  • Level 1 Judge can assist.


For more details please visit the 

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