Number 1 in Rankings & Postal Matches in the USA

Oldest Horse Archery Organization in the USA


Most Experienced Instructors

USA National

MA3 manages the United States National Ranking System for horse archery. Ranking is based on results in live competitions, and is inclusive of all horse archers in the US, regardless of affiliation. Meet the top competitors here! 

Mounted Archery

MA3 offers the chance to be a part of a community, building friendships and creating opportunities for growth as a person and an athlete.  This exciting sport allows riders to experience what it is like to navigate a horse, reinless, through the course while shooting arrow after arrow.  Get your brave on! Come visit us at our next competition, event or clinic.

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Benefits of becoming an MA3 Chapter:


  • Liability Insurance

  • Mentors

  • Refining Mounted Archery Skills

  • Friendships

  • Grading

  • Competitions, Events & Demos

  • Community Support


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IHAA Grading

IHAA Grading is available to all members.  Its as easy as 1-2-3, shoot the course, time it, score and send it in.  It's free! Set a foundation for your shooting by knowing where you stand in your training.  You will increase your skill levels progressively as you reach for your next achievable goal.  Click on the button below to learn more.  Happy shooting!

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If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of mounted archery click on the link below to find a chapter near you and start your journey.

The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas is a non profit tax exempt organization.  Donate now if you would like to help promote this sport.

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