MA3 Grading System

How to grade, Rules, Courses, Score Sheets, Grading Tables & Application

Grading Courses

All grading course styles are on a standard 90 meter course with a 30 meter run in and run out.  Click below to get diagrams and course rules.

Grading Score Sheets

Grading score sheets are available below.  Just click and print.  Please, contact us at if you have any questions.

Grade Free!

Make a copy for your records and send the original completed score sheets and grading application to:


Greg Ogburn

10760 Brooks Road

Windsor, CA 95452

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How to Grade with the MA3 System

MA3 is proud to announce that the grading system is now a free service to current MA3 Members. Here is a simple explanation of how the MA3 Grading Program works.


There are three official grading courses:


  • 1-2-3 Korean Style, 90m 

  • Hungarian Style, archer choice

  • Qabaq, 90m


The following are the steps you will need to take to grade.

  • Set up your course or courses (see above courses)

  • Print out your grading score sheets (see score sheets above).

  • Set up timers or have two people with stopwatches average your times by putting one at the start line and one at the finish, each signals when the archer begins and finishes.

  • For the Korean Style 1-2-3, run two runs of the single, two runs of the double and two runs of the triple, in that order. All levels must shoot under 14 seconds. If you hit all three targets you will be awarded a bonus of 3 points. Horse Archer levels receive a bonus for speed (max 5 points).

  • For the Hungarian (Horse Archer Levels), set up your poles and do 6 runs. You must have a hit on target under 16 seconds to gain a time bonus (max 7 points).

  • For the Qabaq, set up a 25 ft. pole in the middle and to the side of the track, place a 16" circular disk (pizza pan) on top. You must use blunt tip flu flu arrows and shoot under 14 seconds.

  • Check the Grading Tables to see where you placed.

  • Make a copy for your records and send the original completed score sheets along with your completed MA3 Grading Application (add a check for $10 if you wish to purchase a pin):


Greg Ogburn

10760 Brooks Road

Windsor, CA 95492



asterisk by name denotes highest score achieved using MA3 grading system