MA3  Demo Information

Demo Organizer -

(Person in charge)


MUST Match 2 of the 4 requirements -

  • Be an MA3 member for at least one year

  • Be ranked at least an S4

  • Attended a clinic by a Registered Clinician

  • Competed in two small competitions or one with 20+ competitors, with an MA3 Instructor involved

**Participants in Demo must have experience shooting from a horse in Chapter practices for at least four months or be an S3.**

Basic Objectives of an MA3 Demo:

  • Introduction to Mounted Archery

  • Horse and Archer partnership

  • Different course styles

  • History of Mounted Archery

  • Mounted Archery in the US

  • Audience excitement

  • Audience question & answers

  • Member sign ups

Please submit demo application via email to: