USA National Ranking

MA3, as the official representative organization of horse archery in the United States, is maintaining the list of the top rated horse archers ranked in order based on standard Korean and Hungarian course scores achieved in LIVE competition. It will be open to all horse archers based in the United States, REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION, according to the National Ranking System guidelines and rules linked below.

One of its primary functions will be to help with team selection for events such as IHAA and WHAF World Championships among other things.

It is worth noting that, in the United States, the term "ranking" was historically used for what we now know as "grading," the international standard for assessing skill levels. The grading system remains unchanged, and grades will not be affected by the new National Ranking System.

National Ranking System Guidelines

USA National Ranking List

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USA National Ranking List - Juniors

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If you are a club that is not affiliated with the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas and would like for your event to qualify for National Ranking please fill out and submit the Non-MA3 Competition Application below.  The National Ranking System Guidelines and Track Verification will still need to be followed.  

National Ranking Qualifier Competitions

2018 STAR, Texas, USA

2018 AMA, Utah, USA

2018 1st Alaska Mounted Archery Competition, Alaska, USA

2018 Duel in the Desert, DWSW, Arizona, USA

2018 Canadian Federation Championship, Mt Currie BC, Canada

2018 Horse Archery Official World Championships, Pomáz, Hungary

2018 International Mounted Archery Games, Grunwald, Poland

2018 European Grand Prix, Stage 1, Gauchoux, France

2018 European Grand Prix, Stage 2, Albertirsa, Hungary

2018 European Grand Prix Final, Sypniewo, Poland

2019 Mini-Duel in the Desert, Arizona, USA

2019 STAR, Texas, USA

2019 International Mounted Archery Games, Grunwald, Poland

2019 Ground Zero Mounted Archery Competition, Michigan, USA

2019 Canadian Federation Championship, Mt Currie, BC, Canada

2019 2nd Alaska Horse Archery Competition and Midnight Madness, Alaska, USA

2019 Chattahoochee Open, Tennessee, USA

2019 Michigan Open, Michigan USA

2019 AMA National Horse Archery Competition, Utah, USA

2019 Spur Valley, BC, Canada

2019 3rd Alaska Horse Archery Competition, Alaska, USA

2019 Wild West Shootout, DWSW, Arizona, USA

2019 STAR Mini Comp, Texas, USA

2020 The Eastern Contingent, Texas, USA

2020 StarGazer High Desert Shootout, Barstow, California, USA

2020 Wine Country Classic Mini Competition - California, USA

2020 STAR, Texas, USA

2020 4th Horse Archery Competition in Alaska, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

2020 Sagittarii Horse Archery Competition I, Lakeside, California, USA

2020 Eastern Contingent Mini Competition, Lingleville, Texas, USA

2020 5th Horse Archery Competition in Alaska, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

2020 Montana Horse Archers Fall 2020 National Ranking/Grading Event, Livingston, Montana, USA