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The International Horseback Archery Alliance is an organization devoted to encouraging the standardization of rules and scoring systems for horseback archers around the world.  The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas works very closely with the IHAA as the governing body and representative for the United States.  Below you will find more information on the various options for grading and participating in postal matches through IHAA.


This grading system for assessing the skill level of horseback archers has been set up with the following aims:

  • To allow mounted archers to have a fixed standard with which they can compare their ability from season to season, individually or against friends, so that they can monitor their improvement and find encouragement to practice and improve.

  • To provide an achievable goal for anyone in the sport, from beginners to experts.

  • As more people enter the sport grading provides a structure by which people may be grouped in competitions, so that they are competing against opponents of similar standard, and all have a chance to win against their peers.

  • To allow competition organizers to identify those with sufficient ability to compete at a particular event and potentially satisfy insurers of the competence of participants.    

MA3 would like to welcome Greg Ogburn as our new representative for the International Horse Archery Alliance.  Greg will be handling all Postal Match results and IHAA grading for the United States.  

MA3 members may grade through the IHAA for free, they may purchase a pin for $10.  Non-members will pay $25 per rank with pin.  Email your completed IHAA score sheets to and a send a check payable to MA3 for $25 to Greg Ogburn, 10760 Brooks Road, Windsor, CA 95452.

The IHAA also holds several Postal Matches throughout the year open to

everyone whatever their nationality, school or chapter affliliation.  

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Make a copy of your score sheets for your records and send the IHAA Grading Application and completed score sheets to:


Greg Ogburn

10760 Brooks Road

Windsor, CA 95492


How To Grade With The IHAA System

The following are the steps you will need to take to grade with IHAA:

  • Set up your course according to the rules and diagrams for the courses (see links for courses).

  • Print out your grading sheets (see links to score sheets).

  • Set up timers or have two people with stopwatches average your times by putting one at the start line and one at the finish, each signals when the archer begins and finishes.

  • Complete the number of runs required for the course(s).

  • Check the grading tables to see where you placed.

  • Make a copy for your records and send the original completed score sheets along with your completed Grade Application to the address above for Greg Ogburn.  Please include a check for $10 if you would like to purchase a pin.

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IHAA Rules

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6 Student Levels:  S1 to S6

These require a demonstration of ability in the Raid discipline only.  All points must be earned by hitting the target as there are no speed points.  In fact, timing is not even required, but you must stay in the canter throughout.  The table of required scores still shows Korean rather than Raid and some scoresheets need to be updated with the correct name only.  We will update links as we see them updated by IHAA with the new course names.

This was designed to recognize the importance of good technique and accurate shooting as the backbone of horseback archery.

8 Horseback Archer Levels:  HA1 to HA10

All of these require the ability to attain a set of standard in both Raid and Tower disciplines thereby testing skill in a variety of events/styles.  

For all HA grades two scores must be submitted for both Raid and Tower; this introduces the requirement of consistency of performance.  Timing is required for scoring.  The table of required scores still shows Korean rather than Raid and some scoresheets need to be updated with the correct name only.  We will update links as we see them updated by IHAA with the new course names.  The Tower 99 Scoresheet is not available from IHAA yet.

For Raid courses please see the Students Levels above for links to courses and scoresheets.  


5 Walk/Trot Archer Levels:  WT1-WT5

The IHAA Walk/Trot grades that were introduced in late 2017 are based on the Novice grading system developed by the AHAA used in Australia for several years already.  The aim is to provide a framework of attainment levels for those practicing their horseback archery at walk or trot; similar to the Student and Horseback Archer grades the IHAA has run for some time for those shooting while cantering.  Some scoresheets need to be updated with the new course names.


WT1 can be gained with a single score recorded at a walk.  WT2-5 require 2 returns:  these may be 2 walk scores (on the same or different tracks), 2 trot scores, or one of each.  All scores included in an application must have been obtained within two years of the date of applications.    

A lead rein may be used where necessary, though this should be indicated on the score sheet.


The grades are also open to those shooting from a carriage or cart.  Please apply the same gait rules whether the equine is being ridden or driven.


The Score Sheets for Walk/Trot grading are also used to apply for a Walk/Trot grade.  Just make a copy for your records then send in the original(s) to Greg Ogburn to the address above.  

Information on this page courtesy of the International Horseback Archery Alliance